Valentine Flowers

Valentine Flowers

Adorn your Pocket PC with flowers


  • Design captures the romantic theme very well
  • Good drawing of a rose


  • Style is a bit too old fashioned for my liking


Some people despise Valentine's Day and view it as the height of commercialism, while others go all gooey at the thought of spending a whole day celebrating the power of love.

If you fall into the latter of these two groups, then you'll probably like Valentine Flowers, a Windows Mobile theme that adds a floral bouquet to your Pocket PC. The theme contains a background wallpaper with an image of a pink rose in front of a white background.

Other changes that Valentine Flowers makes to your Windows Mobile OS is the addition of a pink, semi-transparent Start menu drop-down, and deep red top and bottom status bars.

The main image in Valentine Flowers is a little old-fashioned for my liking, but it's certainly a romantic theme.

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